ALong lake malawi beach,after monkeybay , Mangochi

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Hospitality has always been vocation for Sun 'n' Sand Holiday Resort. Offering our guests affordable prices yet premier services and customer care in Mangochi, Malawi

It is one of the largest resort on the southern lake shore in Mangochi, Malawi. A very special place where you can detach your mind from your daily commitments in an atmosphere of pure well-being. The elegant furniture and the richness of details cretae a luxurious atmosphere. The hotels's jewel is the Olympic sized swimming pool and Fifi world: the property is also perfect setting for any kind of events.

Sun 'n' Sand Holiday Resort was established in 1992 by Mr Abdul Rashid Suleman, the Chairman and Founder of  Siku Group Of Companies. It opened its doors in the early months of 1992 to its ver first guests with only 6 self catering cottages. For his love of this beautiful 700m beach front property with soft golden sands and tranquil views of southern Lake Malawi and a high demand for cheap yet luxury accommodation and a great potential in the tourism industry on the shores of Lake Malawi, he decided to start building block by block to what stands today with a total of 282 elegant and spacious rooms with a traditional touch of pure comfort, accomodating both local and international guests.

Sun 'n' Sand Holiday Resort is currently in position to offer 34 VIP rooms, 14 Self Catering Chalets which consists of 4 ensuit bedrooms per chalet and 194 Delux rooms, as well as 8, both elegant and versatile conference rooms, with sophiticated equipment.

The resort currently has 350 employees.



Sun 'n' Sand Holiday Resort is inspired by the following values:

TRANSPARENCY - to be oneself in all situations, with clear understanding that without the contribution of managers and its employees it will not be possible to attain predetermined outcomes. All are welcome to express their views and thoughts directly, truly respecting the opinions of others and having our attitude that is honest, polite and constructive. Work here is undertaken through initiative, commitment and motivation. Everyone strives to be an example to others.

CORPORATE CULTURE- Our corporate culture is base on innovative ideas that entail everyone being involved and contributing to our corporate goals and service excellence is measured not only by standards and procedures but by commitment and initiative. Also being well aware that every individuals role is crucial and that conduct of every employee influences the reputation of the company as a whole.

CUSTOMISING THE SERVICES - We here at Sun 'n' Sand Holiday Resort believe that the customising of service begines much sooner than the arrival of our guests at the resort. This is done by identifying the reasons for our guests visit, may it be a relaxing vacation, an event or a conference , we offer a range of options and services that guarantee a tailored experience. Service is based on understanding the guest requirements and it is achieved by training employees to be able to anticipate those needs before being expressed by guest.

It is our aim to offer our guests an exclussive stay experience and this is down toSun 'n' Sand Holiday Resort, which is characterised by its ste that is both unique and elegant, where a great deal of attention is paid to detail and where there is a strong element of technology and close links to the local territory.

Sun 'n' Sand Holiday Resort, which offers charming family settings as well as customized hospitality and combined with a high level professionalism, standards of quality and cutting edge technology- all characteristics that are shared with the most prestigous hotels to which they are affiliated. This shows Sun 'n' Sand Holiday Resort's powerful dynamism and undisputed versatility, which adapts the excellence of its own services to satisfy the needs of increasing demanding internantional clientele.

Furthermore , for Sun 'n' Sand Holiday Resort relationships are at the heart of everything; the relationship with our guests- with whom a management team seeks to maintain direct contact- and as important as this is, its relationship with its employess for whom the company provides training that are designed to assist them in their personal and professional development.


Respect, Responsibility and commitment are the 3 elements withn Sun 'n' Sand Holiday Resort and we will meet specific standards that ensure consistently high level of quality in accomodation and other services, at the same time ensuring to maintain the character and uniqueness of where we are located and enhance still further the service given, that is a key element of our corporate goal.


We haveinternally set up procedures to monitor the different areas of our report to ensure improvements and quality services which continually changed to meet our quality assessmemts.

About Services

Most of our rooms are recently renovated, spacious accommodations that feature an elegant and modern decor, with a selections of either double ow twin beds which offer great views of our beautifully maintained gardens allowing our guests to unwind in comfort after a busy day.

About Services

We believe in making your conference and meetings a hassle free event in a relaing atmosphere. We have a total of 8 conference halls and 4 board rooms for smaller meetings, which can be customized to suit our guest requirements, all which are fullt air conditioned,equiped with PA systems, projectors, internet,printing and computer support.

About Services

We have a number of different activities that will ensure that our guests are entertained at all time. From enjoying the crystal clear pools and Fifi water world, riding on Our Camels during the day to watching a magnificent African sunset on the shores of Lake Malawi.

About Services

We have restaurants wuth an exquisite menu, offering a wide variety of cuisines from delicious Western Cuisine and tasteful traditional African cuisine or perhaps just a delicious fast food and room service facilities.